Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I went to a a place called Mr Spots Chai House and while I love chai, there were people using their laptops and eating veggie food and listening to music I couldn't think over. I mean, I go into a record store and the music is so loud I can't think, my brain starts to fizzle and all the sentences come unglued. I become an idiot. Today, I had to leave Mr Spots. There were also several youth with ear plugs that you can see daylight through. The first time I saw daylight through someone's ears, I had a moment. It was great because I am so seldom stalled out like that. Now daylight earlobes are everywhere and I just think about the stretched out lobes if they take out the thingys that are the stretchers. I once worked in the East Village in NYC in a veggie restaurant and Charles Ludlam and his company would come in. Wow. There was one woman who had tattoos all over her face, really all over. I was so impressed. The theater people can get away with anything. It was a macrobiotic restaurant. I was so hip and didn't even know it. All I do know is that I was pregnant at the time and the smell of brown rice made me want to barf. In fact all food that was organic or good for me was gross. I liked jelly beans, except for the black ones.

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Pippi L. said...

I only like the black jellybeans and I have issues with Mr. Spot's as well as those art pieces outside one of which looks like a giant morel on a stick. xo