Monday, August 13, 2007

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I have said this before but my friend Kelly is a brilliant writer and she has a river under her house. It gives a whole new meaning to floating universes. We went to a reading where Rebecca Loudon was the featured reader and during the open mic we couldn't look at each other for fear of blowing iced tea out our noses. And Rebecca was so elegant and incendiary.

Today we hear that Karl Rove is leaving for family reasons. He is off to ruin more lives, maybe just his intimates.

Read Radish King by Rebecca. Read Crush by Richard Siken. Mimi, another poet I write with, lent me Crush and now I can't return it until I have my own copy. I can't even read it very well. I don't want to open the cover for fear the words with fly off the pages and leave the book bound blanks.

Rebecca's work is like that. She transcends what the words mean, in any ordinary sense. Like fire and heat. The pages are hot to the touch.

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