Sunday, August 26, 2007


This morning, I went swimming at Rainier Beach Pool and every Sunday there is the Glory of God congregation in the gymnasium. They have a band and ladies in the back sit by the baked goods and the cash box. The preacher walks around with a mic and people stand up and sway.

I got confused because I was hearing a preacher from the other side of the street while I was still in the parking lot. I'm thinking, maybe he has a speaker outside and he can throw his voice and my bum ear is playing tricks on me, etc. But I got inside and they were playing music. Nobody was preaching. I did my swim and decided to head South. There on the opposite corner was another preacher, amp, mic and a plexiglass podium, preaching away to the cars going by. So whoa, I thought. We are in need of saving and it's getting pretty bad. AND, the Baptist Church down the street is FOR SALE. I mean, can you SELL A CHURCH?

Meanwhile, Ramey and I listened to a dharma talk about the paramis, a confusing lesson for this month. Really confusing. But it got me thinking about a 'tight' mind, unlike a relaxed mind. If everything comes in via the senses through the mind filter and the mind is tight...and there was this book review I was reading and it mentioned that there are more senses than 5. There's proprioception, equilibrioception, thermoception, nociception and maybe hunger, thirst and balance.

Balance includes unicyclists, Chinese acrobats and one legged yoga postures. And we are all falling down so the book suggests we practice balancing while brushing our teeth.

I fall down while running. I just lie there bleeding, feeling sorry for myself. Then I have to get up and keep going. I once fell while on a treadmill. I got up and got right back on, blood running in a slow trickle down my leg. It was at a college gym with LOTS of college students all around me. So embarrassing.

Babies have to learn about proprioception. They keep bopping themselves in the face until they do.


givemethemuzzle said...

your blog is very very very pink!

good job!


beth coyote said...

Pink for girls. XX B