Saturday, August 18, 2007


I'm in LA with Eden and it is really HOT here so of course we went to a gardening store and bought compost and plants so we could GARDEN IN 300 DEGREE HEAT. Last night we went to Korea Town and had amazing food at a huge restaurant. Boiling tofu soups with seaweed and tofu salad and cast iron pots of rice and little bowls of kim chee and pickled veggies. Before that, she took me to a Korean ladies spa where we got scrubs and a hot oil massage. The woman who worked on me was merciless. She knelt on the table and pounded on my back after scraping all my skin off. The topper was when I was lying on my stomach and she asked me to put my face into the table so she could pound my neck. I thought my nose would break. It was glorious.

Very early this morning I got up to meditate on the porch. What a noisy city. Reminds me of NYC, sirens and bad mufflers and car alarms. Humming with human activity.

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Radish King said...

Your blog is naked of comments.
I'll make one!

Congrats on the Texas Poetry Review.