Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tomorrow Sara and I close the deal. OMG. Today is the last day for me to hold the financial reins, so to speak. OMG.

I hired a financial planner/investment advisor dude. OMG. (To manage my millions, har har)

I have stacks of dharma books on my desk, awaiting my perusal. I am a student, as you know. Again, I am a student.

Yesterday I raced back to the birth center to just barely catch a nice baby boy. What does my future look like...I don't know.


The sun is shining, I'm going for a swim, I AM going on retreat at the beginning of October with my beloved teacher Adrianne for 5 whole days and I'm still in my bathrobe at 12:30. And I'm doing a dharma talk on forgiveness this Sunday. "Forgiveness happens only when we completely given up on changing the past." -Nancy Anderson.

"I see my light come shining, from the west down to the east. Any day now, any day now, I shall be released." -The Band.

I haven't looked at the news once today. I'm observing a moratorium, for 24 hours I won't get sucked into the national embarrassment/fuckery/nonsense/fear-based awfulness. I can do it! I'm strong! I have will power!!!

May all beings have peace, tenderness and safety today.


Ms. Moon said...

So very, very exciting! A new chapter, a new beginning.
One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. The Band.
I really wish Jessie and Vergil would name their baby Levon.

37paddington said...

Congrats on your brand new page. I know you'll make beautiful art upon it.

lily cedar said...

You inspire me to be brave.

Brenda said...

Yesssss!!!! I’m so happy for you it’s been a long time coming. (Also, I just remembered you have a blog 😉)