Monday, March 27, 2017

The Grand Canyon is, well, grand. We had sun, rain, hail, snow and thunderstorms. In short, we had everything.

I heard a young lady say, "They all look the same!", referring to the many canyons in the south rim. No, they don't.

Waiting on a baby. The house is quiet without Felix. He's with Randy, his buddy and dog sitter. It's like not having the kids for the weekend.

I'm a reader now. I am reading Taming the Ox: Buddhist Stories and Reflections on Politics, Race, Culture, and Spiritual Practice by Charles Johnson. I'm reading Mindfulness by Joseph Goldstein and Lovingkindness by Sharon Salzberg. I just bought three books of poetry by David Whyte. I have piles of books in every room. I'm in the 'improving my mind and understanding' phase.

Soon enough I leave for a long weekend in LA to sit/study with the Against the Stream folks, a Buddhist group that I've been sitting with. I'm beginning a facilitator training with them that extends for 18 months. I'm trying to be a smart Buddhist. So I read. Four Noble Truths. Eightfold Path. Three Jewels. Four Divine Abodes. etc. etc.

I hope everyone is hanging in in spite of the daily news shenanegans. Some kind of cosmic playbook we are having with goofus in the White House.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh Beth. You always amaze me. You are your own Grand Canyon.

Sabine said...

I love what you are reading and that you are reading this. It makes me feel positive to know this.

I know - weird.

am said...

"In short, we had everything."

Thank you so much for the concept of a cosmic playbook.

Beautiful photo of the Grand Canyon.

Elizabeth said...

I've read a few of those books that you're delving into -- so good. How I'd love to meet with you when you come to Los Angeles. Is there a chance?

beth coyote said...

Oh Elizabeth, that would be SO COOL to meet you. I get in on the 12th and will play with my daughter that day. She lives in Echo Park and the retreat center is 4300 Melrose Ave-don't know where that is in relation to you...Sunday we are in Santa Monica but I catch a plane right afterwards. Retreat from 13-16, ending 4:30-5 each day. Soooo. I'm dependent on rides and don't know where things are so, anyway. is my email. Send me your phone number so we can talk.