Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I washed the floors, vacuumed, washed the dog (!), made cranberry sauce, Hollyhock dressing and a three berry pie, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom and took a windy walk with my dear Holly and said dog.

I fear I've invited half the city to my house and they're all coming. I don't have enough chairs or plates or forks. The turkey and salmon are in the fridge, waiting for tomorrow. Those are easy.

I leave for Burma on the 9th of January. My visa came through. I forgot to make an appointment with the knee doc but will do it Friday if I remember.

I will give thanks tomorrow for all the beauty in my life. And I will love my friends and family always.

Annie called and told me her breasts aren't sagging, they're resting.

Amen, sister.


37paddington said...

Happy thanksgiving! I am in the same pickle numbers wise. May both our houses and tables magically expand to nourish everyone who's coming to us today. And Annie knows the deal.

Ms. Moon said...

My entire body is resting.
May you get a few moments today to sit and breathe, to know all of the love that you bring.
Love YOU truly.

Betsy MacWhinney said...

Even breasts need a rest. Burma! Yikes, have fun!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm going to remember that breast remark. It's sort of astonishing how much the old breasts need to rest.