Monday, March 14, 2016

March 20th is the day the people come with a truck and cabinets and countertops which they install with crown moulding and floor vents and drawer pulls. I will have a kitchen. Then the horrible mess that is my house can go back to semi-normal.

The basement/MIL is another issue but is being worked on as we speak. The bathroom is done and the wee kitchen has plumbing.

Now all I need is enough $$ to make payroll this month and life will be sweet. Every year, this month is a crunch with $$ and I freak out. Rolling anxiety, gnawing worry, etc etc. Then the checks start coming in again regularly and I relax.

In the meantime, I'm a hot mess. My sister told me a story about a person in her Overeater's Anonymous group who buttered her Oreos.

Right now I'm having a buttered Oreo kind of day.


Ms. Moon said...

I've never buttered an Oreo but I have definitely buttered a graham cracker. Wish I had some graham crackers.
I think the moon and stars are all aligned for anxiety. So many of us here in this community seem to be having a bit of a time with it.

Sabine said...

Apparently, a supermarket chain in the UK is now selling straightened croissants because customers found the curved original version too cumbersome to butter (+ jam). Croissants are basically 80% butter anyway. The simple things that make for happy life. I am just too dense to get it.

Enjoy your kitchen but don't start all Martha Stewart now. Oh dear, here I go again.

beth coyote said...

Mary-Anxiety is my black dog...

Sabine-LOL. And wow. They're not croissants any more, are they? They're, um, crunchy butter flour sticks?

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to laugh, but I did laugh. I need to laugh, too. There's always someone who is more desperate, I suppose, who butters their Oreos.

beth coyote said...