Wednesday, March 16, 2016

As a testament to my mental health, I have an UNOPENED box of thin mint Girl Scout cookies on the (incredibly dusty) piano. I bought them yesterday from the pet store lady who is shilling for her GS daughter.

I have, in my day, inhaled the entire box. In one go.

In case you can't read that, a 'serving size' is 4 cookies and 4 cookies = 160 calories. There are 8 'servings' per box so therefore, an entire box of cookies =1280 calories. Basically the majority of my caloric needs for the day. 


I can just go ahead and eat the whole box, take a few vitamins, drink some water and call it good.

I'm becoming a bit unhinged. If I don't get a kitchen this weekend, I might have a breakdown that won't be pretty. 

So y'all have been warned.

'Woman found passed out amidst a large pile of thin mint GS cookies. She was taken to Harborview where she remains under observation. Apparent GS cookie poisoning victim.'


Radish King said...

I put mine in the freezer. Hopefully I won't remember they're there until August. xo

Sabine said...

Oh please, get something that's worth it, toblerone, lindt chocolate, cadbury's roses, whatever, but GS mints????

Anne Launt said...

Love the photo of oreos in upper left!! xx

Jo said...

People adore their thin mints, as far as tv and social media teach me.