Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Zen dog

Today I took a shower in the tiled shower in my bathroom. For the first time. I might take another shower tomorrow.

We contemplated a glass shower door that was gonna cost a bundle and wouldn't be installed for three weeks. Jim put up a temporary shower curtain and curtain rod and I said, "Well, what's wrong with this?"

Hey, we don't have to spend over a thou for a shower door, by golly!!!!! Curtain rod and shower curtain, ta-da!

I think I want a shower curtain with Elvis on it. Or Darth Vader. Or kittens with bows. My bathroom is currently too, um, perfect. No kat barf. No clumps of fur. No random animal parts.

I know. I want unicorns. Or rainbows. Or The Terminator.

The weather here is altogether too weird. I think it's the influx of Amazon people. Don't ask for a reason but I'm sure I'm right.


Ms. Moon said...

Shower curtains can be thrown in the washer. Glass doors cannot.
There you go.

Sabine said...

The day we put up that feckin glass door in the shower was the day I got obsessed with hard water spots and cleaning and squeegees and and and . . . aargh. So, wise woman, don't do it. (It was only a phase - but not one I am proud of.)

beth coyote said...


Sabine-I saw all of that in my mind...and common sense won out.

Elsewhere said...

how about:

Elsewhere said...

how about:

Elsewhere said...

Or this one:

jeannine nye said...

I have lost the abiloity to write on my original blog, so have another one called Tales from Janzi's world... however I am so glad to be back in touch with you.. love reading your blogs and knowing how you are battling on.. how did you get on with the lumpectomy.. do you have radiotherapy like I am going to have.. I start my course of three weeks on August 26th..keep on smiling, just as I do!!! janzi