Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our poor Eastern Washington with huge wildfires, the smoke so thick the air in Seattle has been bad; hazy, hot and red suns in the morning and red moons at night. Firefighters have lost their lives. Houses have burned up. Of course there is no mention of all the creatures who have died. And the forests-all those trees. Great suffering in all ways. Relentless hot days, day after day after day.

I am performing a wedding on Saturday. Rehearsal dinner and run-through tomorrow. The young couple moved their ceremony from Eastern WA because of the all the fires and evacuations. They say it will rain for a few days. We expect the rain. We welcome it. It's part of our collective mystique.

And I caught a cold after a birth I did on Tuesday. Guzzling all sorts of symptoms suppression and tea and tylenol-the usual stuff. As long as I can get through the service without sneezing, coughing or blowing my nose.

I went to the lake early this morning with my kleenix and cough syrup to meet Houston on her paddle board. When Felix and I got there, she was nowhere in sight. Eventually she appeared, coming silently across the lake. Lake Washington is huge, y'all. A mirage woman on the quiet lake.

Even though I feel crappy, gotta go water my wee plants in my p-patch.

Then back to bed with my hankies and movies.

No contractors for two weeks. Exterior paint and then the deck gets built. Then a break while I figure out how to re-do the kitchen cheaply. I might just tear out everything and live in stud cavities. I'm used to it. And when you have an actual house, you have to clean it. Lola has already herked up a hairball under the bed on the new floor. It's like getting a dent in your new car.

Now I can relax.


Ms. Moon said...

Water and viruses just want us to continually move them from one place to another. I swear.
Oh darling midwife woman!
I want you to be happy and well.

A said...

Sorry for the smoke in the air, I know what that's like: awful. And for your cold.
But what a great micro-story, the image (with a terrific name) appearing on the lake.

Elizabeth said...

As a southern Californian, I know what the smoky air is like -- it feels apocalyptic -- and probably is for those wee creatures and myriads of living plants.

beth coyote said...

Mart dearest-a side effect of staying up all night with a sickish student-tada! a cough that sounds like a fog horn. And I must remember that we feel worse when we wake up.

A-Right? out of the mist, like King Arthur's sword.

Elizabeth- exactly. Apocalyptic with the horizon appearing and disappearing ( and then the zombies arrive at some point).

Betsy MacWhinney said...

Hallo! So sorry you're sick! Jeez. I love that picture, though.
About your commnt from weeks ago (before my vacation!) -- yes, I'd love to see you. My busy spell ends after Labor Day, and then, I have a big blank slate. Let's do something! xoxox

Sabine said...

Get well soon, a life without a cooker is very very very difficult, so plan carefully.