Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm way tired but I'm going to dance tonight anyway. We've had 6 babies in the past 7 days, whew. And they didn't all come during the day after a 4 hour labor.

I have new yellow marmoleum floors in my bathroom and in the laundry room. I might get a sink soon in the bathroom---here I do a happy dance while the dawg looks on uncomprehendingly.

There is a finished remodel coming along and it will be done this summer or someone will be severely punished, I don't know who yet but I'll think of someone. Maybe a member of the Bush family because undoubtedly it is their collective fault.


Ms. Moon said...

Absolutely it's the Bush family's fault.
Dance with slow determination. Or, mindless frenzy. Whatever feels good.

Jo said...

That all sounds good to me!

6 in 7 days! These people having babies! They just won't quit, huh? :)

beth coyote said...

Mary-It could be the Kardashians fault. I just read an article about them in my beloved NYT and they aren't good at ANYTHING. WTF?

Jo-Exactly. Procreation continues apace.

Elizabeth said...

It's definitely the Kardashians and maybe the Hiltons, too. I imagine Justin Bieber had a hand in it as well.

Take some photos of your new stuff happening! I'd love to see it. What's marmoleum?