Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My two favorite women

I painted my new bedroom/office/guest room today.

I know. Amazing.

I wash the floors daily because there is so much drywall dust, we know at a glance where the dog/katz/I have been walking.

I might even paint the living room. It's white. The white has gotta go. I'm thinking a warm creamy color.

I'll still put up my photo of Benedict. He's weird-dreamy. I can't explain it.

I'm leaving for Europe in a month. OMG.

I shaved my legs today and put coconut oil on them. When I saw them today, they looked like alien legs. Since I don't have a proper bathroom or a tub or shower, I got out a large bowl with warm water, sat on a chair and soaped up with my foot in the bowl. My legs are very freckly, something I don't remember having but is undoubtedly a consequence of stupid tanning practices from the past. Baby oil anyone? And my skin is wrinkly and saggy because I'm, well, sorta old.

Even so, Patrick at the gym tried to kill me and Luanne, my gym buddy, today. 150 jump ropes, 1000 meters on the rowing machine,  100 sit ups and a bunch of other exercises that left us lying on the floor groaning. I did learn from Luanne that bigger boobs make your stomach look smaller. It's about proportions.

My printer is acting funny, prints half a page and then moves on to the next page. I'm afraid I need a computer geek over here to try and fix it.

I reprinted a wedding ceremony for some friends and got all choked up reading their vows. We're so tender sometimes and weddings are where we can express it. Our best hopes. In spite of the odds.


A said...

I'm wildly impressed by your workout at the gym!

beth coyote said...

Right? I'm an amazon in the body of a 65 yr old midwife.

Ms. Moon said...

Ah- you have a Jock Girl inside of you. I love that. Are those your daughters? My god. They are insanely beautiful. I shaved my legs yesterday too.
I don't even know why. To separate me from the animals?

Jo said...

What Mary said. Such beautiful women. And they look just like you.

beth coyote said...

Mary-yup, my gorgeous daughters of whom I am so awfully proud. And lol for separating us from the animals.

Jo-Why thanks...I'm a bit older and grayer.