Sunday, September 21, 2014

What I did yesterday:

This couple were so in love during the labor, I felt embarrassed to witness. He kissed and nibbled her neck, she gazed into his eyes and smiled after contractions.  It was beautiful. This wee babe was born into that. Sometimes I can't believe what I do; the crazy hours, the complicated situations, the random stress and fear. And then there are people like this. My heart breaks with their love for each other and for their babe.

And today I did this:

The view from the top of Mount Washington. And I died, or could have. Blistered feet, wobbly legs and weariness, profound weariness. It was hot, the elevation gain was significant and the trail full of rocks. We had climbed this mountain before but decided to do it again for the view. WTF. I'm totally whipped. Holly was unfazed and Felix was bouncy as usual. I whined for the last mile, really whined. Even though hiking is VOLUNTARY, people. I would have given anything for an airlift back to the parking lot. 

We stopped at the Issaquah PCCon the way home, which, if you are familiar, is a ginormous natural food store in a fancy neighborhood off I-90. I looked a right mess, with my braid falling out, a bandana on my head for the sweat, clothes that were soaked and sweat-stained and I was seriously limping. A few times I moaned a little bit. Everyone else was polished with clean clothes and the glow of money about them. I was the person who crawled out from under the bypass to buy a lemonade. 

I am currently sitting down. I love sitting down. It's divine.


Elizabeth said...

You've had quite a few days! That picture is so radiant, and while I shouldn't, I did giggle a bit at you moaning on the mountain-top.

Ms. Moon said...

That picture reminds me of what Ina May says about it's that sexy loving vibe that gets them in there and it's that sexy loving vibe that gets them out.
Oh, how beautiful when it really is so.
Moaning is my new favorite vocalization. I can only say that I have no difficulty imagining the hiking/moaning/shopping/moaning/limping scene. I would have been crying.

Jo said...

Oh, what a picture. Sigh!

Birdie said...

That picture! I love the little hand poking out.