Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It rained. All night. It was the most beautiful sound in the world.

I had peanut butter for dinner. On a spoon. Then some edemame. My mother, rest her soul, would not approve. I am thinking about forgiveness. Forgiving my enemies. A Dorothy Day article in the Sun has inspired me. It's a short list.

My mother is on the list.

My contractor insists on talking about the basement and wanting to put in a kitchen down there and sprucing it up for a tenant.

I don't have the $$ for this. I just want some rooms upstairs and a functional kitchen. Not fancy, functional. The basement is where the ghosts live and I don't think they care about a remodel. In fact, it might rile them all up.


Radish King said...

OHhhhhhh the rain so perfect and today.

Ms. Moon said...

I had edamame yesterday and peanut butter today.
Plus other stuff.
Have I forgiven my mother? I don't know. She's been dead for awhile now and I still don't like her. That sounds weird.
We used to rent out a basement apartment. My advice on that is: No.

Birdie said...

There seems to be so many problems with renters these days. Personally, I want to come home to MY home and not have to interact with anyone. As an introvert, I crave my personal space. I would never survive long in a big city.

Elizabeth said...

I learned a bit about forgiveness today from this healer woman, and it's sticking with me -- what she said. I might write about it, but then again, I might not.