Wednesday, August 06, 2014

 I don't understand the principle of the 'self-cleaning' oven even though my oven is, apparently, doing just that at the moment. Not finding any noxious burn your eyes, scald your lungs oven cleaner, I have resorted to the self-cleaning feature and we shall see. Does anything else self-clean? I've always thought that babies were pretty self cleaning while they were breastfed. They smelled good, their poop was rather innocuous  and they peed water. And they weren't playing in or eating dirt yet.

My katz self clean but then deliver puddles of hair balls on a regular basis os I guess that doesn't count.

There are self cleaning windows. Do these come with scaffolding and wee men on ropes who squeegee up and down with that characteristic squeeee sound?

Today, the gray haired balding bearded men will arrive to do something to my house. Mysteriously, some orange marks appeared on the patio where the foundation will go. And the plans disappeared. Aside from that, NOTHING has happened. And this drives me crazy. I have a patience problem or if you will, an impatience problem. And it has been weeks since we sat around the table discussing what to do where and with what and how. And I think this is how it goes mostly. So I have become Zen about this when I'm not willing something to happen. Boxes here and there, my weird kitchen and the horrid yard which I continue dig up. Only about 43 more cinder blocks to go. My version of weightlifting.

I bought a bag that has wheels AND converts to a backpack AND has a detachable day pack. Maybe I
could ask it to clean the oven if my experiment doesn't work.

Signs and wonders department:

In honor ( I think) of Seafaire last week I saw:

1. Several Navy guys in their dress whites.
2. A lady by the fire station wearing a belly dance jingly belt over her dress. She was waving two rainbow flags and a large wooden cross.
3. A drag queen with large puffy mint-green hair, a chic belted dress and 6" green pumps at 7:30 in the morning.

It reminded me of a morning in San Francisco by the Castro (all gay all the time), when I watched two persons in killer bee costumes get out of a small sedan and a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence

 on roller blades cruise by and I thought, I'm not in Kansas anymore. Some time I'll have to write about Halloween in the Castro before it became a spectator sport.


Radish King said...

VAGINA! VAGINA! Sorry for shouting but it is rare that I actually know the answer to anything and it is especially rare today. The vagina is the only self cleaning human body part therefore it is the only self cleaning organism in the entire universe.

Ms. Moon said...

I think Rebecca may be correct! Babies are sort of self-cleaning, aren't they? To a degree.
Speaking of degrees, I think that's how the oven self-cleans. It goes up to one billion degrees and incinerates every bit of anything stuck to it. Then you just wipe it out.
I plan on doing mine as soon as it gets cool although that may be pushing it in that it already smokes from residue when I turn it on and it's barely August.
I'm sorry. I'm rambling. The boys have been here for two days and I'm exhausted.
Please do write about Castro Halloweens.
And may your renovations begin soon and not take until all eternity.

Sabine said...

Oh yes, Castro story, please.

Some motorway service stations in Italy have self cleaning toilet cubicles. All shiny stainless steel and when you are done and have left you can hear this waterfall with lots of brushing and swishing noises inside and when the door opens again it's all steamy sweet smelling cleanliness.
After three days on the road without a wash you could be tempted to stay inside. But it's a tad claustrophobic.

Betsy said...

I want a self cleaning house. Including refrigerator. Why is it that we're using the EXACT SAME REFRIGERATOR that they used in the roman empire? Well, except for the electricity and ice makers and stainless steel, etc. But other than that.
I have read that dreaming is the way that brains clean themselves, which is a beautiful thing.
Miss you. And can't wait to hear about Date # 3.864, or whatever number you may or may not be up to by now.

Radish King said...

Babies are not self cleaning. That's bad mothers that think they have self cleaning babies. The kind with flies zipping around their heads.

I want Betsy to have a maid then loan the maid to me once in a while.

Betsy said...

I want Betsy to have a maid too!! Rebecca, you can borrow the maid ANY time.