Friday, February 28, 2014

You now have $50.00 in credit at
You need not spend the credit now. If you don't, it will simply remain in your account. But then again, maybe you should. In a complex, scientific study conducted by a local second grade class, books purchased less than a month after taking residence in a bookstore were seven times more likely to have a positive self image. Books with red covers, especially. Perhaps you can help.

I just ordered three books from Powell's and this was the message about my credit from my brother (a Christmas present). 

I didn't, unfortunately, order a book with a red cover. 

Yesterday I attended a poetry reading that was quite juicy. I heard Mary Ruefle and Joshua Beckman. Then I went to a reading for a book about women in Buddhism, Hidden Lamp. It was boring, so boring. Holly and I were texting each other while the editors droned on.We left and went for pie. I had cherry. 


Ms. Moon said...

Cherries in pie quite possibly far more interesting than women in Buddhism.

beth coyote said...