Friday, February 07, 2014

Cold afternoon but sun shining on the yard, trashed end-of-year garden, dead leaves, scraggly branches. The camilla bush has already had a few blooms.

Off to freeze my face off with the dog in tow. He has no opinion about the weather. He'll take anything if there are occasional squirrels to chase and a ball to retrieve.

Tonight a birthday party in a Moroccan restaurant with belly dancers. Going with Clark, my gay husband.

I may do a bit of this on the table for the birthday girl.


Ms. Moon said...

I took belly-dancing at one time! Watching this, I wish I had kept it up. For some reason, it fascinates me.
Have fun with your gay husband. I sort of wish I had one too.

Birdie said...

If you do the belly dance you know we want pictures, right?

Betsy said...

Belly dancing, catching babies, raising dogs,. What can't you do? How was the parade, btw? Awesome? I THOUGHT SO!!!!! (Lots of exclamation points means I really really really think you loved the parade.)