Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yesterday Deb went to the pharmacy and got me some codeine cough syrup. And I conked out. And dreamed that the Rolling Stones were standing in my living room waiting for their rooms. My staff and I were running around making beds.

They were young and beautiful.

I saw them when I was fifteen and from that day forward, I was no longer a Beatles fan. I was a Stones fan. Mick Jagger singing 'I'm a king bee, buzzing around your hive...' and swinging his jacket around-I fell into a swoon.

Because my phone no longer works properly, I have to brave the A T & T store for one that does. Shite. I guess phones don't like raw egg. I'm a greasy, sick mess so I'm gonna put on a big hat and scarf, all my warm clothes and stuff myself with cough drops. The codeine has to wait until I'm home and not driving.

Foggy and cold out there. I'm not at Esalen anymore, thats for sure.


Radish King said...

Wondering if you went to the u village aft store. They're godawful disorganized. Sorry yo got the damnable cold but the weird fog lifted. Maybe u brought the sun Back

Ms. Moon said...

I have dreamed of the young Stones before. A treasured memory.
I swear to god.

beth coyote said...

RK-we did and whoa. Mostly I'm crying because I'm sick but the sun could come in.

Mary dear-****sigh***