Monday, January 07, 2013

I have the tiniest wee-ist scratchy throat but I can 't get sick again, I can't. I have things to do. Work to work. Play to play. Poems to write. Etc. Maybe it's because I didn't sleep last night.

I bought this beautiful black coat at the thrift store I could wear to California. Northern Cal can get quite cold. Today, I went to see the chickens and let them out because I left the house at dark thirty and  they'd been 'cooped up' all day (hahahahahahahahaha) One egg which I put in my pocket on top of my phone.

Yes, duh, the egg broke all over my phone (still works, thank gawd) and leaked out of the pocket and into the lining. What a dope.

I've done this very thing before in my other coat. A washable coat, not a black wool coat that will now smell like terrible eggs and be all weird at the site of the mishap.

No more eggs in pockets, ok?


Radish King said...

There is something powerful about Aa woman fearless e ought to carry eggs in her pocket .. I salute you!

Ms. Moon said...

I put eggs in my pockets all the time and hardly ever break them but when I do I feel really stupid.
Don't get sick.

Ellena said...

Amazing, this survival instinct of 'phones. One summer I watered mine for 30 minutes.