Thursday, February 09, 2012

Three births in 48 hours, off to Atlanta at 3:30 in the AM. Sheesh. Way too tired. I threw a bunch of underwear in the duffle, my computer, ipod, headphones and an apple. Gawd. O, and two pairs of boots. Gotta have boots, don't I?

Where is my retirement? Where are my servants? I need a cool cloth on my head, a cuppa and a lie down.


Ms. Moon said...

If it were hard work and responsibility and heart that made people rich, you'd be Midas.

beth coyote said...

amen, sister.

Radish King said...

I wish I could take care of you for a change. Beth, you have been so gracious and kind and loving to me this past year that I am overwhelmed with thank yous. Please send me your address. And post more poems please.