Monday, October 26, 2009

I went from light rail to the train station, spent a luscious weekend with J in Portland, came back by train and back home by light rail. So cosmopolitan. On the train, you can read, knit, write, eat lunch etc. Oh, and it runs by the water a lot of the way. I reflexively look for the seatbelt... By the way, I whupped J's butt playing Scrabble. She always acts so innocent but I bet she is studying tutorials when we are apart. I won because she was tired. She is Scrabble Queen.

I am knitting socks with eeny wool and I keep dropping stitches. As long as they hold together so I can wear them. I can see it now. I'm walking along while my socks are unraveling and dragging behind me. Oh yeah.

The Friday reading was fun. The other readers were funny and Andrea memorized hers. *sigh* One day I will memorize mine. Some of my friends came too. And they behaved themselves. Mostly. Except for the giggling in the hall afterwards. You know who you are. Ahem.


Valerie Loveland said...

I don't have my poems memorized either. It seems impossible!

The last reading I went to I looked up so I wasn't just reading with my face in the book, and I lost my place!

beth coyote said...

Oh yeah, then you look like a complete idiot, um-ing and clearing your throat. I like to make eye contact, except when there is the glazed-eye look or yawning. Then I fall into the despair of 'poetry is stupid'.

Brenda said...

Giggling sparks creativity. So there. :p