Monday, August 17, 2009

the unfortunate bedtime story  


proprioception     all topsy-turvy                 

she licked blood from my ankle  

how can you ask me to tell the truth    

little blue lumps     like monuments  

everyday strangle    

I only wanted peace 

someone to mist the hedges

when they threw the horse hair sofas on the garage    

I was sure I had seen a calamity  


her hands shaped like missiles  

after the Air Force jimmied the lock  

I took cover in the afterthought     

my hair captivates this month  

my shoes sparkle in glory  

rest a while against the yellow carcass    

peel me another Slim Jim    

grease coats my palm wine    

a rainbow was found the bassinet

it must be a fucking miracle  

strangers think they know me  

all because of the  ball peen hammer      

it grew in the garden next to the cabbage  

I over watered    

I make the same mistakes every year      

forgive everything I ever fed you    

I was only pretending to like you    

even the part about tucking you in         

no wonder you have bad dreams                 

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