Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My beautiful and brilliant daughter calls me to LA, land of the Scientologists and Koreatown and fancy sushi bars and huge Hispanic stores and neighborhoods and cars and there are really good skateboard girls and surfer girls and the ocean and gritty boomtown cars and grifters and gamblers and movie stars. My beautiful brilliant daughter is an artist in LA and she's basically starving, which is, I know, a stereotype so I'm going to visit and we'll garden and go out to Joshua Tree in the desert and hike and watch the wind farms whack the birds and sit in the hot springs. I'll buy her huge bags of groceries and we'll make pesto and spanikopita and listen to her latest music and I'll put my feet on her coffee table and we'll play scrabble and laugh and cheat. She's a photographer and many of her photos are on these pages, like the one at the top. I love her so much and I was so happy the day she was born and I still am.


Nathan1313 said...

It really is a beautiful photograph.

beth coyote said...

Thank you, Nathan, and welcome. And yes, Eden's photos are my favorites.