Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am cleansing myself of books. I filled up the back of my car with books and went to Good Will. Because I'm moving my office upstairs, it was time to evaluate the 900 trips up and down the stairs. I have piles too, poetry books to give to fellow poets, dharma books to give to my sangha and random books for friends, my kids, Milo, etc.  

Don't worry. I have plenty left. And I found lots of stuff in books; old love letters, pictures of kids, scraps of poetry.  

Tomorrow, the CDs.


Valerie Loveland said...

You just gave all the poets who read your blog a heart attack when you mentioned you were getting rid of books, ha.

A couple weeks ago, I moved in with my boyfriend and brought half my books with me. We haven't brought over the shelves yet and there are book boxes all over his condo. He is going to faint when he realizes this is only half of them.

PS--Plenty of books?!

beth coyote said...

I kept all the poetry books, honest. I got rid of the PD James murder mysteries and the out of date medical books, which were numerous.

I still have massive amounts of books. A mountain, in fact.

beth coyote said...

Oh, the poetry books I'm giving away...well, I have two of stuff sometimes. I panic if I can't find something (like Crush, a book I LOVE) and I buy another.