Thursday, July 27, 2017

Once again, I'm waiting on a momma, this one her 4th baby so she's an old hand. She predicts when this one will come so I'm sitting on the couch wondering if I should just wander over there and hang at her house. It's dark now and there's no traffic, thank the goddess of all things birth-wise.

I must say, D Trump continues to be a horse's ass. No transgender in the military because their health care is so expensive?????? My therapist says there will be an uprising and we'll all take to the streets to save our democracy. Ok, I'm down with that. What's most interesting is that we go to work, we sit on the train looking at our screens, we buy food at the co-op, we get gas, we go swimming, we tend our gardens and walk our dogs AS IF LIFE IS ALL NORMAL when it's so effed up and we're hoping that those founding fathers got it right with three branches of government and the system of checks and balances and so on.

The NYT published the constitution in their Sunday paper. It's huge and takes up four pages. I taped it to the wall so I could remind myself what it says, especially those pesky amendments.

Cuz what's at stake-EVERYTHING. I know there is outrage everywhere we look, and I mean everywhere. My fear is that we will go numb and hide out in our neighborhoods and that is no way to behave if we're gonna weather this absolute fuckery.

In other news, Diane, my ex and I went to the lady spa and soaked and steamed and ate fabulous Korean food in our bathrobes. Well, why not? And we saw normal woman bodies, young and old. Not everyone is 18 and 110 pounds. What a relief.

I'm gonna go get in my scrubs and take off this terrible bra. Gawd, I hate bras so much. There must be a comfortable one out there but I've never encountered it.

BTW, while doing a birth a few days ago in my nice clinic clothes, I hoisted myself up on the bed and apparently caught the hem of my pants on my foot and basically pulled my pants down under my ass. Fortunately I was wearing colorful undies and I quickly (with my gloved hand) pulled up my pants and no one was the wiser. Fashion disaster narrowly averted. Well, those pants are very comfortable with a stretchy waistband so it, um, happened.

The parents and the baby didn't mind at all.


Sabine said...

When the comfortable bra has been invented, i will nominate the designer for the Nobel prize.

Watching your country from a distance, I get only the shitty news. The majority of the media in Europe either laughs in disbelief or shakes its head and mutters dark thoughts. There are very very few who support this geezer and his politics but he had it coming.

Anyway, when (not if), when you people are getting your act together to go out on the streets fighting for your democracy, Europe - and I swear it - will cheer you on so massively, you will hear it across the ocean.

And we will cheer you on not just because (according to that NYT interview) he thinks he went to some "opera" when he was in Germany recently for the G20 summit - while in fact, it was a performance of Beethoven's 9th symphony, also called ode to joy and the official anthem of the European Union.

beth coyote said...

I'm of the muttering dark thoughts variety. Oh gawd, Ode to Joy = opera. I feel I must apologize for his ignorance and crass behavior. But where to start?

We're gathering the forces. And we're watching him fail, over and over. There is some comfort in his inability to refrain from tweeting, keeping his mouth shut and his utter lack of skill (or knowledge) with governance. I fear his family of questionable intelligence and his 'advisors'.

But you know where I stand. Each day is a new revelation, a fresh hell.

He will be stopped. He must be stopped. And his administration must go.

Peace out.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sitting here, mouth agape, at Sabine's comment and 45's "opera" comment, and no, it never ceases to amaze me -- the fuckery. I contemplate what will happen and when the breaking point might be, but I am encouraged by people's resistance. I guess.

I love your wardrobe malfunction story.

am said...

Thank you for continuing to write your thoughts down.

I don't know what it will take to end the insanity of having no credible president in the White House.

But I'm reminded how long was the process that ended in the removal of the meth addicts and then, once they had been evicted, the actively insane alcoholic and his wife and two daughters who, one after the other, rented 1-bedroom condominium above the one that I own. I have a trauma-related DSM-5 diagnosis and for me, it was like living in a war zone. The process involved the community in our condominium complex gathering evidence and reporting it to the police regularly. Because of laws protecting tenants, neither disruptive tenants could be easily removed before 6 months had passed. It took 6 months of reporting noise 24 hours a day (just below the level that would have qualified them to be arrested but loud enough to keep anyone in the vicinity from a good night's sleep and any peace) to have the meth addicts evicted. They had to be forcibly removed.

Then the same thing happened again, this time with an active alcoholic. His two daughters rented the 1-bedroom condominium above mine, and then he and his wife moved in with them. They, too, had to be forcibly removed by the police. They would not leave on their own.

That was the entire year of 2005, just after I quit my secure and well-paying job and planned for a year of peaceful rejuvenation!!!

When there is enough evidence, and our bizarre president is presenting his insanity regularly, I believe that he will be removed. It is just a matter of time. Just as in the case with our condominium, however, there will likely be more insanity to follow. The whole world is watching. We need all the witnesses we can get, writing down the evidence and reporting it. I can hear George Harrison singing, "All things must pass away." The wanted and the unwanted will pass away.

Right now, I am turning my thoughts to the mothers and the fathers and the babies (beautiful photo) and whatever it is that sustains us all through dark times, where light survives in so many ways. I'm reminded of a book Sabine recommended some time ago -- All The Light We Cannot See.

37paddington said...

Beth, with souls like you and others here railing at the fuckery, there is hope. I love your story of the spa, the relief of real bodies. I also love am's reminder that these things take time.

beth coyote said...

Thanks and yes, we're all waiting, for this too shall pass.

Jo said...

Birth is a country where it doesn't matter whose ass is in or out, I found :)