Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Today I went to the garden store to cruise plants. It's a bit pornographic, the way I behave. Or maybe I  have bee tendencies but I'm looking for colors and smells and curvy figures.  There were birds chirping and I thought they were playing some bird chirping audio but no. There by the cash register was a large round stainless feeding trough hung with a warming light and a bunch of baby chicks on bedding inside. They'd just come in the mail (!) from Kansas. The box with holes in it was still on the floor. They were hungry and thirsty, stepping on each other and falling into the water. The gal in the store said she could hear them at the post office ( I bet!). Anyway, I hung over their enclosure and watched. So soft and fluffy and weighing practically nothing. Gladdened my mood.

I bought starts and seeds and headed for my p-patch, the city's answer to those of us who need gardening space. They provide water and tools and a small plot of fertile earth.  I have learned so much from my SE Asian neighbors about how to intensively garden. They grow around and among different plants. Vines grow up corn stalks. Smaller plants grow among larger ones. And they have veggies all year round.

My strawberries were looking healthy and so were the weeds, which I pulled out. I planted spinach and lettuce. I like that spot for squash because it takes so much room to grow. The beds by my house have peas and beets and beans and more lettuce. I'm so glad to be able to walk out and harvest food from my yard.

My yard right now

The back yard just got the walkway and now it's time to fill in with more plants. My friend who has been helping with the heavy lifting says I should feel glad to come home and see my garden. And I do. 

I'm all up in being a student, y'all. I'm studying dharma books and instantly forgetting what I've read. I give my first 'talk' this Sunday and I just might disregard my notes and speak from my heart. Yikes. I could talk for hours about midwifery; history, efficacy, shortcomings, data, etc etc but dharma is...different.  Feels more important to be authentic and of course I can't talk about what I haven't experienced. And that's the truth. 

So wish me well. The topic is racism and American Buddhism. In 15 minutes. No problem. Ha!


Ms. Moon said...

Your yard is amazing! AMAZING!
I dreamed that I was giving a talk and people kept ignoring me. This will not happen to you.

Sabine said...

Wow, that is a garden to get lost in with ideas! Lovely and sooo much potential. I find it still baffling to read the US English 'yard' - for us Irish English speakers, a yard is a small spot, nothing to write home about. Well, this garden of yours is no yard, believe me.

You certainly picked your subject, good luck with the talk. And watch your back and those knees when you're out there digging and planting.

beth coyote said...

Dear Mary-I listen to you as I read your blog...It's like a big piece of warm apple pie, with grandkids and gardening and chickens of course. Occasionally you go for a walk in Trump land but mostly you soothe and uplift us all and for that, we're forever grateful Oh and don't forget Keith.

Sabine-It's it wonderful. When I come home, I wander around and say hello to everybody. The blooms, the smells, the trees leafing out, even the birds and the bird feeders.

Heavenly. Infinite joy.

Elizabeth said...

I wonder how your talk went? The subject of racism and Buddhism came up recently -- I bought a book about it, to tell you the truth, and I know that I read it to Carl when we were traveling up the coast, but for the life of me in this moment I CAN NOT remember it. Sigh. That is the dharma, I think. Something to know and feel and hold and then forget.

beth coyote said...

Elizabeth! How right you are, "to know, feel, hold and then forget."

It's all practice, isn't it?


PS the talk went well and I'm giving another one this Sunday, whoa.

Elizabeth said...

I remembered the book! It's by Charles Johnson and is called Taming the Ox. The subtitle is "Buddhist Stories and Reflections on Politics, Race, Culture and Spiritual Practice."

beth coyote said...

Elizabeth!-Yes, I've read the book and it's in my pile on my desk. DrJohnson is a local guy, actually.