Monday, October 03, 2016

My MIL apartment is done. No more contractors or painters. It's weird. Now it's just cleaning the house, doing laundry and cooking (too much food) for myself and my friends.

Yes, I watched the debate. Gawd.

I've been spending time hiking in the fall mountains, very beautiful. Last week I worked out to the edge of expiring and then hiked for 8+ miles. I couldn't really walk. I got good at moaning.

Yesterday I went to a Men in Dance performance and watched two men draw hopscotch squares on the sidewalk and then dance within the squares. They were obviously having a blast, throwing chalk and chalk dust at each other.

I've hired a lawyer to help me transition my business. What will I do with my time if I retire? I think I'll stay involved in clinic but I won't do births anymore. The thought of sleeping all night sounds so delicious. Although I have such a problem with insomnia now because of disrupted sleep forever. There is my book to write.

The Burma retreat is getting closer. I still haven't paid for airfare yet. Just paid property taxes, ouch.

Doing the math endlessly. Social security, rent from the MIL, payments from the sale of the business. Then there's Medicare supplemental and what if the car breaks or the roof leaks? Gha... How do people figure this out?


Ms. Moon said...

Such good news here! I love thinking about you being able to sleep. You'll figure it out- trust me.
And Burma! And hiking and...a BOOK! Yes! Oh my god. That thought excites me so much.
As to the money thing and retirement- well, that was certainly one positive thing to be said for humans dying of old age at forty. I guess.
Sending love to you, Beth Coyote. Yes. I am.

Radish King said...

We are rolling in the deep my friend. The most vivid thing I've noticed since my forced retirement is how freaking busy I am! I was never this busy in the work world. And my getting up at 4 AM for all those factory years has stuck with me too. Ick. Will you come for dinner when I move onto the island?

Elizabeth said...

Please don't tell me about retirement. I have none.