Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I just ordered a dehydrator. For a plum explosion I just had in my house. My fridge is bursting.

There are new windows in my living room. The basement is nearing completion. As soon as the apartment is done, I'm renting that puppy. Money needs to flow in this direction, this way toward me instead of the outgoing tide. Y'know?

I despair of ever retiring. It will happen one day.

The heat was on in my living room this morning. Wha???? Fall approaches.


Ms. Moon said...

So- will that make raisins? I get so confused.

Elizabeth said...

Just the word "retirement" gives me agita. How?

Betsy MacWhinney said...

The word "fall" makes me terrified. Really? Is it fall again already?

Jo said...

Prunes, Mary! Raisins be grapes.

Interesting fact: apparently 'Prune' has become a popular girls' name in France, which I thought was hilarious til I found out that it actually means Plum, which is sort of sweet, and not at all constipation related.