Thursday, May 26, 2016

Still in bed, feeling slightly guilty about it. Finally out of the woods financially, I think. I wrote a whole bit about the problem and just deleted it all. Can't talk about the details. It's been nip and tuck, I can tell you that. (my mother's expression)

Today I head to the basement to clear out the mess and do a dump run (fun!) Rick is doing a great job down there but damn, what a messy guy. My other contractors have been quite tidy, cleaning as they go but Rick, sheesh. Anyway, he's at another job so I can get down there and do some work.

We've had a major bunch of babies recently, running from one birth to another. I had the pleasure of seeing two babies for their final six week visits. I caught them and their older siblings. Very special.

It's gray and overcast here, a typical NW day.

After 47 years, my sister and I are good friends. That is, I believe, a miracle.


Sabine said...

47 years? That is something!!

Ms. Moon said...

It's all a damn miracle. Some you never thought you'd see.
Love you so much, Ms. Coyote.

A said...

It is amazing and wonderful. I'm estranged from my sister, with no expectation
that will ever change.

am said...

My sister and I are reconciled after a painful estrangement that started in spring of 2003 and ended this year. Clearly a miracle!

Betsy MacWhinney said...

Reconciled sisterhood. Nip and tuck. Lots of babies. That's it -- life. :-) Lucky!