Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hanging at the birth center, waiting on a momma who just met us last week and here today on her due date in labor. Whew. She transferred after seeing the 'birth center' in the hospital where she was planning to deliver. Nope, too much like a hospital. She wants a nice peaceful experience away from the hospital vibe. Now her insurance might not cover us (arghh) but she's here, she's lovely and we do free care sometimes.

She's walking up and down stairs with her man and her sister. Moaning with contractions. Felix is spending another night with Randy, the best dog person in the whole world.

My house painter almost fell off the ladder last week and now she has scaffolding. Sheesh, no more episodes, ok? We were all there: her son, my contractor and I.  We grabbed the ladder and coaxed her down. She was hanging from a soffit on the second floor. She said my voice was the one she listened to because I used my birth voice on her.

Lights, radio, double locks, don't fail me now.

And blue doors please. Sky blue doors.


Ms. Moon said...

Blue doors to filter out the bad spirits.
Waiting on a lady to bring out her babe.
Your birth voice. Your midwife voice. Your midwife hands. Your midwife heart.

Radish King said...

I love you. Your birth voice. I've heard it. I'm lucky.

beth coyote said...


Much XXX and OOO to both of you.


Elizabeth said...

I wish I could hear your birth voice right his instant.

Jo said...

Well. I can certainly imagine that you have a voice that coaxes out babies and frightened people off ledges. What a beautiful thing to be, someone who can do that. I wish you'd been my midwife xxx

Elsewhere said...

yes, your birth voice. we all need it.