Saturday, July 18, 2015


It is so hot here. The grass is brown and crinkly. I water my poor plants daily, sometimes twice.


I have finished floors and a working faucet in the bathroom. I've actually brushed my teeth and washed my face at the bathroom sink. Week after next, I'll have tile and a shower.

The katz are lying about limply. The dog and I go to the lake where we take turns swimming. He swims, I tie him up to a log and I go in, repeat. The trick is to get my core temp down enough so going home to my very hot house is bearable. Because the last owners installed windows that open sideways, I can't leave them open. Anyone can walk by, step over the sill and ta-da! Some day, I'll replace them. Is this the end times?

My blessed neighbors are allowing me to cut down the massive arbor vitae hedge that borders our property. This is so exciting. I'll have south light. The living room will lose it's gloom. As for the cave-bedroom where I've been living for the past year, I'll be moving my bed into sunlit digs soon enough. The gloom room will become a) my office where I'll never go, b) my meditation room where I will go once a day, or c) a spare bedroom which will be used occasionally and where the katz will undoubtedly sleep and get hair all over the cover.

Then there are the boxes which have been sitting around for a year, hither and thither. What's in them? Do I even care anymore?

I had a massage yesterday with a new person. She came in the room, all diminutive bits of her and she proceeded to give me the massage of my life, hoo-boy. She named off the muscles and attachments as she went, while I groaned and wept silently. My various parts were rearranged afterwards. I've been living with random aches and pains, taking the daily ibuprofen and ignoring the elbow, knee sacrum trifecta. Because I have to work. Because I can't stop just because things hurt. Because. I'll go see her again, of course. And add yoga to my routine. I have to move or else I freeze in weird shapes.

I fell into a heat swoon and took a wee nap just now. It's too frickin' hot in here so Felix and I are heading to the water.

Ah, Scotland...


Elizabeth said...

It's raining in Los Angeles -- so weird. I had two massages when I was at Hedgebrook, and they were both part of the whole life-transforming nature of the three weeks I spent there. I love your description of your massage -- and I sure hope with yoga your aches and pains do disappear.

Ms. Moon said...

We here in Florida know how to deal with the heat- stay in the AC (which you don't have, I'm sure) and drink lots of iced tea and water and go to the springs and rivers.
Honey, I feel your pain.
That massage therapist? Yes. Go see her again and often.

Jo said...

I'm craving massage at the moment (well, always, but especially at the moment). But I also need glasses and dental treatment and osteopathy, ah me. So I get none of them. But your description makes me yearn all the more.

Meditation room/guest room/house for paperwork sounds good :)

Betsy MacWhinney said...

It is hot and irritable out, but I loved the onion poem! Thank you!