Sunday, September 02, 2012

This morning, Lola, as usual, was meowing and meowing. When I called her to my bed, she didn't hop up but stayed on the floor. I peered over and thought she had a rodent in her mouth, but no. She had a bird. Not just any bird but a hummingbird.

Hummingbirds are magic. Their heartbeats are over a 1000 per minute Look them up here and fall to your knees in wonder.

So I extracted the wee thing from Lola's mouth, cursing cat nature and it's nastiness. The bird's wings were flattened out and a few green feathers stuck to my  hand. Her heart felt like an electric vibration in my palm. I thought, what to do? I kept muttering 'sorry, sorry' and 'better luck next life' while watching her for any perkiness. I folded her wings down against her body and her body was moving with her heartbeat. I held her in my hand and went to Deb so she could help me. She didn't have any ideas so I went back upstairs continuing my hummingbird prayer. She continued to live. I thought, maybe she'll die in my hand and I can be her witness, so much coming and going all the time. She was about 5 inches long with white and green feathers and the tiniest needle beak. Then she turned her head and looked at me. Hummingbirds have very small faces. I decided to hold my hand out the window so if she were recovered enough she could fly away. Then she looked away and back again and whoosh---she whirred away to the oak tree.

Later in the back yard, a hummingbird flew low over the deck with a flash of white.

With all the heartache of August, I took this as a sign that September would be better. Not that I believe in such things. But today I feel blessed by hummingbird medicine.


Ms. Moon said...

I would feel that way too.
Bless Lola for not murdering, just bringing.

Mel said...

I had my own hummingbird miracle, with a juvenile who flew into a glass door. I held his tiny beating heart in my hand too, and practically cried for joy when he flew away.
I have a serious soft spot for the tiniest birds and the largest moths.
So glad your cat only gummed the little jewel.

beth coyote said...

Ms M-I think Lola is too dumb to murder. For her it would be accidental.

Mel-wee birds and moths-all magic.

Sabine said...

It's so awful when they do that, those daft wild animals we keep domesticated. And the worst of it: she brought it to you out of love and attachment. Sort of. Wild animal love and attachment to you.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-they're proud of themselves, if cats can be proud. Well, they do call a bunch of lions a pride.

Ellena said...

This little Chupaflor must have been in torpor state for Lola to have been able to catch it.
I love happy endings.
Can you tell that I just got off my knees from reading "here"? I must assume that since they do what they want one can not know when they leave. My little hummies have not been around for a few days now.
They did not leave a note either. I guess if one can't read one can't write either.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Hummingbird, any-bird animal magic, signs, portents, all are welcome here. The on-going wonder of colliding events and their messengers. September will be better. xo