Sunday, October 23, 2011

My dear friends:

We had six babies last week. They all arrived safely. We went home and slept for a hundred and fourteen hours. Yesterday, my honey and I made grape jelly again and the kitchen is a huge mess of spilled jelly, sugar and mysterious splotches on the stove. And some of it didn't jell, whhhhaaaaa. Which means, decanting, recooking, more pectin and sugar and boiling hot jars and lids and burns on hands and fingers.


I washed the last batch of clothes with a leetle bottle of peppermint oil so now my clothes smell of peppermint. Very strong peppermint. When you have a honey who NEVER empties her pockets, you wash all sorts of things. She now has a very clean wallet too.

Fall in the Northwest is my favorite. Sock-making season. Jelly making season. Lying around an reading the paper til 3 PM. All the cats on the bed at night.

I don't have anything interesting to say. And I don't even care.


Ms. Moon said...

I found quite a bit of this interesting, actually.
Can't you just leave the non-jelled jelly as is and call it syrup? Grape syrup. Yeah. I would totally pour that on some cornbread or a pancake.

beth coyote said...

O Ms Moon, if'n you lived down the road, I'd bring u some 'syrup'this evening. It does taste delicious. My neighbors ate it on ice cream and then just spooned it out of the jar. A royal compliment.

XXX Beth