Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm listening to the music of West Side Story. It's so beautiful I want to cry. I think I'm going soft in the head. Leonard Bernstein used to host a music program for children which I watched religiously. I loved him. He was my Jesus. With a baton and a orchestra. And big swingy hair.

By the way, I want to own the movie West Side Story too. Singing, dancing and swell music. I saw it with my father when it came out. I cried buckets. I also cried buckets when he took me to see Bambi. A movie critic I'm not.

But hey, poor orphan Bambi. Come on.


Radish King said...

I just heard an orchestration of it on KING FM just now driving to the drugstore. I remember that program with Leonard Bernstein. The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra or something like that. No wait...that was Benjamin Britten. There's A Place For Us is one of my all time in the whole world forever favorite songs and I want it sung at my funeral. Way to go LB and way to go Shakespeare.

beth coyote said...

That's where I heard it too! Yes o yes, that song quivers with such tenderness, the real kind. I still feel my father beside me, the dark theatre, the popcorn smell. And joy hearing something so wondrous.

XXX Beth the ill

Radish King said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. Take the most tenderest care of yourself. I miss you like mad.

beth coyote said...