Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fallout shelters

My sister passed her nursing boards and my brother is going to court for DUIs and spousal abuse. Cool! I think there should be more church bells that ring on the hour, all over town. In my home town there was a factory siren that blasted at noon for the workers to go eat lunch. Syracuse China. You can find Syracuse China everywhere. Look at the bottom of your cup the next time you are in a greasy spoon, especially if it is a thick, heavy cup without designs.

I hiked by myself last Saturday. Wallace Falls, in Gold Bar. I forgot about the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe so the traffic was a snarl. My father used to take us to the NY State Fair outside Syracuse. We would have to visit the animal barns before hitting the rides and cotton candy. Endless cages of chickens, rabbits and penned cattle. One year there was a model fallout shelter, with cans of food and a metal toilet. I think if we had to live under ground, someone would have broken out and exposed us all to radiation. All I could think about was the lack of light and going to the bathroom in front of my brothers. Yuck.

The garden is slowing down. There is a time when the plants stop growing and begin their involution. The leaves turn tatty and begin to brown. Even the weeds look tired.

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